We stock for you!
Warehouse useful storage of 1,500m², with computerised multi-location management, with capacity for over 2,000 pallets totalling 1,200 tons of merchandise, allows us to have 10,000 product references immediately available for manufacturers and distributors.

Orders received by 3 pm shipped the same day!
Guaranteeing fast delivery, demands efficiency from every link in the chain:
  • quotes and availability sent without delay by fax or email
  • real-time order processing
  • average shipment preparation time reduced to a minimum
  • agreements with international carriers for tight deadlines
Problems are rare but they can happen!
If we run out of stock or imports are late, our network of agents worldwide allow us to procure the needed items, via our IT system.
This enables us to meet our commitments, as well to satisfy super-urgent requests.

Customised products
Unbeatable quality /price ratio!!
The responsiveness of our partners allows us to offer bearings, pillow blocks and special rings to suit your very own needs.
Operational modifications or otherwise, non-standard tolerances, special lubrication, etc...
Contact us , send us your plans or drawings.
Many customers already have!

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