Article 1 - General
Our sales are subject to these general terms, which apply to all sales unless otherwise expressly and formally exempted by us.

Article 2 - Confidentiality
Studies, plans, drawings and documents provided or sent by us remain our property. They may not be divulged to third parties for any reason whatsoever by the buyer.

Article 3 – Constitution of contract
When we issue a quote or price, it constitutes special contractual conditions that amend or complete these general terms. When we receive an order from a buyer, the order will not be considered definitively accepted by us until we have confirmed it in writing. Such written confirmation constitutes special contractual conditions.

Article 4 – Cancellation of order
Any order accepted and confirmed by us or any agreed programme of deliveries may not be retracted by the buyer, unless they compensate our company for the harm done by the cancellation.

Article 5 – Small or customised parts
We reserve the right to deliver quantities plus or minus 10% of the quantity specified ion the order when it is for custom manufactured parts or very large quantities. Stage payments may be required. The price will be adjusted to reflect the quantity actually delivered.

Article 6 – Delivery, transport
Unless otherwise specified, deliveries are deemed to be from our factories or warehouses. If any such delivery is delayed for reasons beyond our control, it shall be deemed to have been made on the agreed date. A late delivery does not confer the right to cancel the order, or the right to compensation, interest, penalties, or any reduction in price. Unless otherwise specified, it is the buyer's responsibility to bear the cost and risks of transporting the goods sold, after delivery. The receiving party must immediately check the quantity, quality, weight, dimensions and specifics of the goods delivered. We do not accept any returns unless we have agreed to it in advance. If we agree to goods being returned, they must be returned in their original packaging and the return-transport costs must be borne by the buyer. No claim will be accepted for the possible replacement of our product later than eight days after the goods were made available.

Article 7 – Technical specifications
The technical specifications in our catalogues and technical datasheets are only indicative and may by changed without prior notice.

Article Article 8 - Ownership
8.1 - Principle
The seller retains ownership of the goods sold until full effective payment for the goods along with any ancillary charges has been made. Under the terms of this clause, a promissory note or other debt instrument does not constitute payment. Failure to meet any payment deadline may require the buyer to return the goods. These provisions do not prevent the buyer, after delivery, from liability for loss or deterioration of the goods sold as well as any damages it may incur.

8.2 – Authorisation to resell
If the goods are resold, the buyer agrees to immediately warn the seller to allow him to potentially exercise the right to a price adjustment with respect to the third-party purchaser. The authority to resell is automatically withdrawn in the event of receivership or bankruptcy.

8.3 – Authorisation to transform
The buyer is authorised as part of its normal company operations to transform the goods delivered. In the event of transformation, the buyer agrees to immediately pay the seller any part of the price still due.

Article 9 - Price
9.1 - Prices – Payment Terms
The minimum price of any delivery is €40 excluding taxes. The price is expressed as excluding taxes and is payable to our head office account unless otherwise specified on the invoice or on the order confirmation. In the event of late payment, the goods concerned must be returned within eight days and if they are not the payment shall be become payable in full in cash. The price is fixed. However, the seller reserves the right to unilaterally revise the selling price in line with changes in economic and monetary conditions at the time of the offer. Handling is invoiced at a fixed price depending on the packaging and weight and cannot be refunded.

9.2 - Late payment penalties.
In the event of an overdue payment, all other payments become immediately payable even if they were governed by special agreements. Any pending orders are automatically suspended. In addition, pursuant to this penalty clause and legal provisions, the buyer automatically becomes liable for a late payment penalty calculated by applying, to the full amount of any sums remaining due, a rate of interest one and half times the prevailing legal rate of interest with no prior advice or formality, apart from advice that the principal sum owned shall be increased by 10% (a minimum of €100) to cover the cost of referring the matter to our legal department.

Article 10 - Warranty
10.1 – Scope of contractual warranty
The goods sold are guaranteed to be free of any operating fault due to defective material, manufacturing or design subject to the following conditions. The operating fault must appear and be brought to our attention within 12 months from the date the item was made available. The warranty does not cover cases in which:

  • The material or design defect is the fault of the buyer;
  • The operating fault is the result of an unauthorised action on the item;
  • The operating fault is a result of the buyer choosing the wrong item for the intended use;
  • The operating fault is the result of normal wear or the buyer's negligence or failure to service the item;
  • The operating fault is due to force majeure.

10.2 – Execution of the warranty
AUnder the warranty, the seller will repair or replace free of charge any items recognised as defective by its technical department. This warranty does not cover the cost of manual labour or of the following operations: Disassembling, reassembling, transporting to site, etc. The need to replace a part does not consequently prolong the time period set out in article 10.1 above.

10.3 – Limitation of liability
It is expressly agreed by both parties that the seller's liability arising from an operating fault of an item properly delivered is limited to the foregoing provisions, in particular with respect to hidden defects and intangible damages. Consequently, no warranty is given to buyer and no liability is accepted for any damage, disruption or harm the buyer may suffer from invoking the seller's warranty on the item sold.

Article 11 – Automatic termination
In the event that the buyer fails to execute its contractual obligations, the contract will be automatically terminated to the benefit of the seller without prejudice to any damages or interest that the seller may claim.

Article 12 – Dispute resolution and legal jurisdiction
Any dispute arising about this sale, even in the case of joint or multiple defendants, if such dispute cannot be settled amicably, shall be governed exclusively by French law and subject to the commercial court for the district in which our head office is based.

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