Download Certificat ISO 9001:2008

Our Quality commitment Our policy on quality is fundamental to the company's strategy:
To satisfy our customers and fully meet all their requirements in terms of quality, price and availability.

ISO 9001 certification 2000 version
CIV implemented its quality system and obtained its ISO 9002 : 94 certification in February 1999. Our system then evolved in response to the international standard ISO 9001 : 2000 version in January 2004, and has been tested and certified by the prestigious body Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for the sale and distribution of bearings and accessories.

Supplier monitoring
Satisfying our customers means listening to them, understanding their expectations, and translating those expectations into formal requirements.
This is why CIV has put in place a rigorous policy for selecting and partnering its suppliers, most of whom are ISO 9000 or QS 9000 certified.

Controls – Tracking
Meeting requirements means a whole set of technical controls, dimensional and administrative controls, as well as comprehensive computerised tracking from the point of manufacture to customer shipment.
Human and material resources
As well as the real commitment of our management, CIV's people are a dynamic, skilled team, renowned in our profession.
We have IT, technical and logistics resources that contribute to the effectiveness of the organisation and the improvement of its economic performance.

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